Hacker hackare (proveniens: gnome) lexxi stjerners petite asiatiske squirting på cam porno English topic: A person, more commonly gratis sex chat bilde considered a cracker, who uses computer expertise for illicit ends, such as by gaining access to computer systems without permission and tampering with programs and data.
Document dokument (proveniens: gnome) English topic: A collection of one or more lines of text that can be named and stored as a separate item or file which can be retrieved.
Viewer läsare en vanlig term som förekommer i sammansättningar som "webbläsare".Swap space växlingsutrymme (swap space) (proveniens: linux) Engelska inom parentes switch switch level brytarnivå (proveniens: gnome) English topic:.Officially supported Stöds officiellt (proveniens: ubuntu) Använd inte"stödjs" offline frånkopplad (proveniens: gnome) English topic: In reference to a computing device or a program, unable to communicate with or be controlled by a computer.Enable aktivera (proveniens: gnome) English topic: To activate.Information information (proveniens: gnome) English topic: The meaning of data as it is intended to be interpreted by people.Lösenord (proveniens: datatermgruppen) säkerhetskod (proveniens: datatermgruppen) (see also: PIN code ) (see also: access code ) paste klistra in (proveniens: gnome) English topic: To insert text or a graphic that has been cut or copied from one document into a different location in the same.To change to a newer, usually more powerful or sophisticated version.
Job jobb (proveniens: gnome) English topic: A specified amount of processing performed as a unit by a computer.
Cut klipp ut (proveniens: gnome) English topic: To remove part of a document, usually placing it temporarily in memory or the clipboard so that the cut portion can be inserted (pasted) elsewhere.
In hardware, a self-contained component that can provide a complete function to a system and can be interchan monitor bildskärm (proveniens: gnome) English topic: The device on which images generated by the computer's video adapter are displayed.Operating system operativsystem (proveniens: gnome) English topic: The software that controls the allocation and usage of hardware resources such as memory, central processing unit (CPU) time, disk space, and peripheral devices.Mark markering (proveniens: gnome) English topic:.Classification klassifikation (proveniens: gnome) clear töm (proveniens: gnome) click klicka (proveniens: gnome) English topic: In a window system, to select an object by pressing a mouse button and releasing it immediately.Range område (proveniens: gnome) English topic: A block of cells selected for similar treatment in a spreadsheet.Icon ikon (proveniens: gnome) English topic: A small picture used within a graphical user interface to indicate a program, file, or other part of a computer system.Security through obscurity 'säkerhet genom otydlighet' (proveniens: debian) security update repositories säkerhetsuppdateringsförråden (proveniens: ubuntu) segment segment (proveniens: gnome) English topic: A section of a program that, when compiled, occupies frekk chat rom a contiguous address space and that is usually position independent; that is, it can be loaded.Answer mode svarsläge (proveniens: gnome) English topic: A setting that allows a modem to answer an incoming call automatically.Hide dölja (proveniens: gnome) English topic: To temporarily remove the onscreen display of an application's active window while leaving the application running.Examples include bash and tcsh.

Spacing mellanrum spam skräppost (proveniens: gnome) English topic: Useless e-mail.
Alle tjenestene krever mobildekning og tilgjengelighet.
Spool spool (proveniens: gnome) English topic: To store a data document in a queue, where it awaits its turn to be printed.