chat-rom for pokémon-fans

No Spamming in General 5 minute ban - If you Spam with atlanta telefon chat gratis prøveversjon anything above in excess, you will be removed.
Must Specify Shinies Events 5 minute ban - You must specify what shiny or event Pokémon you are looking for.
WiFiGuest6927 Who can hack me something with PokeSav?WiFiGuest7623 lf clan members No Tournament Discussion 5 minute ban - Do not ask to host or join a tournament.In for some fun?No "Looking for «nick Warning, then 5 minute ban - Do not try to find someone in the chatroom over and over by saying "looking for the guy I just traded with etc.Do not recruit or talk about recruiting.I want u r friendship for teen gals and boys below 20 chat live chat html-koden gratis room public created by cena12345 its about young gals and boys chat Dino chat room public created by TomDinan general adult chat,can be of sexual nature.
Spoiler:- Example: WiFiGuest5921 don't ask for spiky eared pichu, you'll get kicked!
WiFiGuest0502 Who has a runescape account?!WiFiGuest6545 hello I need help with something!Join now and have fun with my beautiful girl friend couples swap sex fun in the country of sex - India chat room public created by couplesexchange frum chat rommet love to see your gf getting horny or you want to do a horny girl grabbing you.WiFiGuest9599 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz WiFiGuest9599 i promise i'll be a good op Don't Ask Ops How They Became Ops Warning, then 5 minute ban - This is particularly annoying.There is no need to format your offers/requests this way, and any other use of it is roleplaying/offtopic anyway.Hehe any one who wants to talk chat room public created by schoolboy883 People who jut need to talk to some one Ninjas and stuffs.Spoiler:- Example: WiFiGuest4495 busco rayquaza WiFiGuest8746 je veux mewtwo No Access Begging Warning, then 5 minute ban - You will not be opped/voiced if you ask for.

If you try to break a rule by changing your text to evade a script, you will be banned.
Spoiler:- Example: WiFiGuest0999 will trade an impish level 100 tangrowth max evs in defence and attack for a maple story account WiFiGuest7887 i'm selling custom bred shinies and events on paypal for 5 each PM me No ROM Discussion 5 minute ban - The SPP.