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To find out how to check whether your broker has shares, see.
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If you do something like that please discuss it outside of market hours or gratis sex cam chat nettsteder in the off-topic chat room (feel free to announce in main chat Hey, I want to discuss haup earnings in off-topic room, please join.Please no questions during the trading day (i.e., What brokerage do you use?).To send a private message (a short message to another user that others can see left-click on that persons name and select Send Private Message.Click here TO join THE chatroom.Off-topic posts will result in a gag, sometimes without warning (a gag means you wont be able to post in chat).Stock chat abbreviations can be found below (and should never be in caps).
Everything that is not a stock alert or a brief discussion of a current or potential stock trade is off-topic during this time.
Please no random questions during the trading day (i.e., What brokerage do you use?).
Do not argue or insult.Dont post information that has already been posted (we dont need 10 people announcing that a stock has been halted).For example, saying XYZ is perking up after consolidation or ABC just broke support or XYZ just filed a PR saying New contract with GE are useful alerts.Or, you can ask after the market closeor best yet ask questions during Tim Sykes weekly Q A webinars for his Millionaire trading challenge students!Download the key points of this post as PDF.