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The sign - in front of username removes the ban and re-allows him to join the chat.Chat type: cloud topic_AND_PIC_locked_FOR_users Only a user with the role of creator has the right to change the subject or the chat logo.Chat type: P2P, cloud /find text Searches for the first mention of text in the chat.Right click on Simkl and click on View History Online.Chat type: P2P The roles of the Skype chat participants Creator and Master can change the roles of the chat participants with the command /setrole.Examples: /setupkey *Lib/Conversation/EnableWiki 0 Lib/FileTransfer/Disable 01 Disable '1' or enable '0' file sending function.
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Nevertheless, cloud chat now also support moderating functions.Chat type: P2P, cloud /get options Displays chat parameters (see the command /set options ).Examples: /set allowlist echo123 /set allowlist -echo123 Chat porno-chat gratis videoer type: P2P, cloud /set banlist username(s) If you add a in front of username, it forbids the user to take part in the chat.Examples: /set options -joining_enabled /set options history_disclosed Chat type: P2P, cloud /set password password Sets the password for the chat, and only users who know the password can join.You can specify one or more users, separating them by a space.Chat type: cloud user User A common chat participant who can read and write messages.Chat type: P2P, cloud /alertson text.