The Chatango URL at the top of the group can shemales gratis cam be disabled by unchecking "Show URL" checkbox in the configurator.
This will add them to your friends list, and also open a conversation to them.Currently your chat history is not saved on Chatango's servers.They can search for your ban by your user name or your.If the word "naughty" is on the list, then the message: "nAughty nauggghty nau9hty ght.Edit Moderators You can grant individual permissions to each moderator.Top Broadcast mode Only the owner and designated moderators can post.Top, stay online when browser is closed.
Prepare a group for large events.
About banned words, words in the "word parts" box censors words even when they are a part of a longer word.
Group owners and administrators can ban certain words from a chat.When you receive a private message, you can block the sender by clicking the Block link above the text input box: Please note: the Block button only appears when the other user has started the chat session.Set the chat restrictions to "No anons.".You can also use easy ban moderation on your phone by swiping across a message: Top Group title and sticky live message Change the title and owner's message Log in to your group as the owner.Top Closed without moderators If there are no moderators in the group, no one can post.You can delete your local chat history by clicking the Delete saved chats now link.

Click on the Report Abuse link.
Message Catcher is currently only for Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME/98/95 it has no spyware of any kind, and it's only a 165 KB download.