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Ian PattersonBlikkspor, Hardanger fiddler Erlend Apneseths critically acclaimed voldtekt ekte sex debut album, presented fiddle tunes, Apneseths original compositions and improvisations side by side.
Erlend studied at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss, as well as with Håkon Høgemo.By the time they latina porno cam went into the studio they were full of ideas, songs, sketches and the joy of improvisation.Drummer Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (Electric Eye, Building Instrument, José González) and guitarist Stephan Meidell (Cakewalk, Krachmacher) joined him on the last track of the album, and Erlend found this collaboration so inspiring that he asked them to form a trio with him.Preview the room, click, preview to preview the room.At the top left, click, find people, rooms, bots.