For the skype chat jente purposes of this script we use two tables.
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If ( ( t-box inputclass'name ).It is also defined as an index, so it is faster to delete inactive users (having a last_activity column with a greater value than 15, would mean that the user is no longer viewing the chat window).Name " /b : " obj.Our document is structured as html5 for convenience, as this allows us to use the new, shorter (and more memorable) doctype, and skip the type attribute on the script tags.It handles the ajax requests sent from the jQuery front end and outputs json formatted data." ) ( t-box inputclass'name ).Urlencode ze As you will see in the next part of this tutorial, jQuery sends a getUsers request every 15 seconds.If (key 33) var maxLength (this).attr maxlength var length lue.We could potentially delete those records in getChats, but that is requested once every second and the extra processing time could severely impact the performance of our app.
_session'name' safe_var post'name header Location: "._server'PHP_self exit?
Session_start if(isset session'name text _post'text fp fopen ml 'a fwrite(fp, " div class'msgln'.date g:i.AjaxSetup ( url : "p", global : true, type : "GET", data : "eventget id" mid " t" ( new Date ).Using ajax polling for a chat application with the "php back javascript front" technology stack will inevitably result in a heavy server load.Append ( " li b " obj.Null) b me /b @msg.Starting with the jQuery library, we add the mousewheel plugin (used by jScrollPane the jScrollPane plugin itself and our script.Timers.js" / script script type "text/javascript" src "js/okie.) ON duplicate KEY update last_activity NOW The same is also valid here.

Remember the switch statement in p above?