Starboard might pressure Mayer to sell Yahoos real estate or to lay off 10,000 employees.
According to one executive, she told a group of six vice presidents that she wanted a redesigned search product unveiled by the end of the year.Nor had Mayer succeeded, despite her track record overseeing Googles search engine, in turning any of Yahoos many products into an industry leader.Mayers team asked the former Page Six editor Paula Froelich to run Yahoo Travel; the makeup star Bobbi Brown would oversee Yahoo Beauty.Many had derisively called him the Most Interesting Man in the World, in reference to the satirically fatuous spokesman for Dos Equis beer.Facebook, for instance, had a couple of thousand people working on mobile.Some investors are further attracted to the merger sexy video chat rom because it will bring AOLs chief executive, Tim Armstrong, into Yahoo.Major Yahoo shareholders have recently begun collaborating on a series of spreadsheets that calculate that AOL and Yahoo are worth between 70 and 80 percent more when combined than they are apart.
Eventually de Castro negotiated himself a contract worth around 60 million, depending on the value of Yahoo stock.
Mayer also had a habit of operating on her own time.Granted, AIM Chat was still fairly robust, and meeting people was a possibility in those chat rooms.And Yahoo Shine, with its 45 million in yearly revenue, was shot down.The two board members asked the executive recruiter Jim Citrin of Spencer Stuart to approach Marissa Mayer, the wunderkind engineer who oversaw the user interface of Googles search engine.Most Yahoo observers expect that, in the coming weeks, she will announce a plan to transfer almost all of the companys Alibaba gains to shareholders while simultaneously resisting any merger with AOL.Yahoo was engaging more mobile users than ever before.A conquering company could theoretically buy Yahoo, sell off its Asian assets and absorb its business units free.Yahoo also lured a slate of expensive journalists to helm a series of new digital magazines.

By the time she closed the book, URLs had gone completely silent.
Within hours, the two men were on the phone with a handful of associates from Starboard.
In many ways, Yahoos decline from a 128 billion company to one worth virtually nothing is entirely natural.