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Huawei overtakes Apple as worlds second-largest smartphone seller.
Watch clip7:43 December 12, 2017 The Voters Sticking With Roy Moore vice News speaks to a panel of Alabamians who still plan to vote for Roy Moore despite the allegations of sexual misconduct against him.
Facebook and Instagram launch 'wellness dashboard' to help users combat app addiction.
Watch clip2:44 Season 5 Episode 5 Black and Blue Cord Jefferson speaks to activists and police officers about race and policing.Watch Preview1:05 Fighting isis An authoritative look at how the Islamic State was made, and what its future holds as the world's superpowers struggle to find a common strategy in the global war on terror.Watch Feature-length documentaries that focus on the major issues shaping our world.Watch clip5:16 June 12, 2018 Rodman's Trip to Singapore Dennis Rodman, a longtime advocate for North Korea, touched down in Singapore yesterday as President Trump met with Kim Jong-un.Watch, go deeper into the stories that matter with the latest episodes.Artificial intelligence will both disrupt and benefit the workplace, Stanford scholar says.Jordan Peterson's 5 most controversial ideas, explained.S events in Charlottesville, Virginia.Why emotional intelligence is a key pillar of diversity and inclusion.New study reveals quiz chat-rom med norge the science behind Ouija boards.The marvel of LED lighting is now a global blight to health.
Why the First Amendment may protect 3D-printed guns.
Watch Preview01:23 A World in Disarray Watch Preview0:32 A House Divided President Obama speaks about the post-election political climate and the fierce partisan fighting that dominated his presidency.Telephone: (202) TTY: (202) 708-1455, find the address of the HUD office near you.S Ignored Some students believe they are being overlooked in the ongoing conversations about gun violence.Watch Featured vice Correspondents Shane Smith Suroosh Alvi Elle Reeve Gianna Toboni Isobel Yeung Ben Anderson Seb Walker Dexter Thomas Michael Moynihan SEE ALL Watch Anytime, Anywhere Enjoy HBO?Watch Preview0:40 season 4 episode 4 Beating Blindness White Collar Weed The new strides made in curing blindness, and the conflict between farmers and corporations in the marijuana business.We finally know what causes childhood leukemiaand how to prevent.Watch clip3:23 April 30, 2018 Joining Janet Jackson's JTribe When Janet Jackson put out an open call for backup dancers, thousands of people auditioned for the chance to join her JTribe.Watch, cLIP3:09, july 20, 2018, what isis Left Behind.

Watch Clip0:34 November 6, 2017 The Paradise Papers vice News presents an hour-long special inside the story behind one of the biggest global scoops of the year.