She must be persuaded that all words that savour of the world are indecorous in a religious.
Jesus Christ gave himself to you without reserve once on the cross, and frequently in the holy communion; what more do you expect from him?
The aged monk being asked how he had been able to bear this mortification, replied: "I imagined that I stood before Jesus Christ, and that he imposed on me that humiliation; and this thought made me obey gratis datingside med instant chat without difficulty or repugnance." For our greater merit.1 No wonder, then, that Gerard, the brother.Well, then, might.Thou hast shown Thyself enamoured of my soul, and shall I be able to love anything but Thee?Catharine of Sienna that they who meditate on his Passion are very dear to him.There we understand better than in any other book the malice of sin, and also the mercy and love of God for man.
By enabling them to indulge every whim and caprice, a superfluous income serves only to make religious more proud, more at ease, more vain, and less mortified.
3 " Seminastis rmiltum, et intulistis parum;.And they, indeed, says.God has an ardent desire to enrich us with his graces, but,.Conquer self-love and break down your own will.Hence, of Jesus it was justly said, that he had done all things well: " Bene omnia fecit" â Marc, vii.433 effect of charity.By this vision she was given to understand that a soul by making a true act of love obtains the remission of all its faults.

Trust not in your own strength; believe one who has known a thousand cases in which that sublime virtue was lost by exposure to danger.
2" Noli ilia contemnere, quia minora sunt; sed time, quia plurasunt; timenda est ruina multitudinis, etsi non magnitudinis." Serm.